‘Afterlife’ by Michael Massaia

February 6, 2011

Born in New Jersey, 1978. Michael Massaia uses a large assortment of cameras, tools, filters and techniques to document the New Jersey and New York City he experiences. To re-introduce people to the mundane, and to find the moments that have fallen between the cracks, is his ultimate goal. All of his photographs are true one shot candid scenes that have been pushed to their limit to reveal the wonder that can only be found in the ordinary. For his ‘Afterlife’ portfolio, Michael used 11″x14″, 8″x10″ and 4″x5″ view cameras coupled with traditional black and white film to capture the highest possible resolution and dynamic range. After the image has been captured and the film developed, Michael then hand makes Platinum/Palladium prints utilizing a damp processing technique he developed. Michael works alone and is the sole craftsman in the process. www.featureshoot.com Music: Eluvium, ‘There Wasn’t Anything’ (from ‘Lambent Material’ / Temporary Residence Limited, 2003)
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