Reverberation of silence

February 12, 2011

A still-shot compilation of sign language hand gestures. This is for my BA(Fine Arts) Photography, my first shot at making a video! Summary: Sound is something thats made up of noise, vibrations, tone, and pitch. Sound is something that may be perceived as intangible. But can that sense of tangibility be achieved through hand gestures? How does the image translate itself as a text? In my project, I am interested in examining the sequence of sound through dual narratives of silence/sound. A series of still-shots are compiled together to form a sequential alphanumeric continuation. The speed of each slide transition emphasizes the speed of sound, in which tempts the viewer to grasp of what they see visually. In this video, I attempt to convert our sense of hearing into our sense of seeing. The intentional cacophonous background explores sight as sound.
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