Pokemon Heart Gold Battle Frontier Battle Arcade Silver Brain Fight…again

April 3, 2011

I decided why the heck not use a few of my shinys in the frontier, Machamp was caught on a chain of 7 from a shiny bush(didn’t capture the fight and catch on video), its hasty, and a true powerhouse. Glalie (unseen) was caught awhile ago, but was my second shiny caught in snow (video of capture here: www.youtube.com its amazing in IV’s to a extent, and it is modest. and Abomasnow is Brave, amazing all around, and with sword dance and Ice Shard, its so much fun to just wipe out all sorts of people. (video of capture here:www.youtube.com but this fight i thought was fun cause it showed my luck and my insane shiny Machamp. it did wonderful before it was taken out. but yeah, there you go, the Silver battle frontier brain for the arcade..again. just fighting the easier brains in the frontier for cheap BP.
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