1- Music, Art, Photography – Contemporary Issues Dr. Bilal Philips

June 30, 2011

Dr. Bilal Phillips a convert to Islam who has been studying Islam for over 30 years and is recognized as a genuine scholar today. He runs his brilliant shows from Islamic Channels that we do not see much of in the Western world. Islam he explains how Islam is not against music but certain aspects of music that causes people to deviate from Islamic teachings and most of the attractive music today do deviate from Islam as they bring certain feelings that lead to sins etc. that is why we see the Middle East and Muslim countries resisting from the Pop culture and not expanding it as freely as the west and other non-Muslim states. Like for example you can clearly see that Pakistan although it has many talented singers world class but legends have beenn in ghazals and soft music without the element of sexual feelings. So do not think Pakistan or the muslim world is incapable but rather stopped by religious forces. Like for example, usually when a store or party or group starts to fully advance into the movies out side the limits or principles of Islam those stores or party do suffer huge violence and conflict whether physically or politically that end up stopping their progress and keep them away from reaching such high marks like other countries. For example although in India there is same amount of Islamic population as Pakistan about 200 million they still have the majority of 900 billion Hindus and other non religious people that basically help win the hearts of the youth
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