My Dear Malevich

October 8, 2011

This homage to Kasimir Malevich is a confirmation of Tom R. Chambers’ Pixelscapes as Minimal Art and in keeping with Malevich’s Suprematism … the feeling of nonobjectivity … the creation of a sense of bliss and wonder via abstraction. Chambers’ action of looking within the Malevich photo to find the basic component(s) … pixel(s) is the same action as Malevich looking within himself … inside the objective world … for a pure feeling in creative art to find his “Black Square”, “Black Cross” and other Suprematist works. Review by JD Jarvis, Art Critic/Artist and coauthor of “Going Digital: The Practice and Vision of Digital Artists” (ISBN 1-59200-918-2) [Note: This review was written for the first exhibition of MY DEAR MALEVICH at the Art Gallery, Fine Arts Department, Zhaoqing University, Zhaoqing, China (April 2 – 15, 2007).][USA]: “Can an exhibition of art be both physical and virtual, a historical yet avant-garde, forward-looking homage with one foot in the current 21st century digital art scene and the other in the rich 20th century history of Modernist art? The answer is, “yes!” If you are Tom Chambers. Which brings us to one of Tom Chambers’ exhibitions entitled “My Dear Malevich”. This is the physical/virtual part of this exhibit. Wherein we see on the web a presentation of what must be, in real-time and space, a very striking exhibit. Consisting of many, large-size, black and white prints of hard-edged geometric designs “My Dear Malevich” is also an homage
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