Photography resources

Under this menu you will find a selection of resources about fine art photography and visual art in general.

Not only articles about photography, but also videos, how-to’s, publications and even auctions, so maybe you will discover something new or useful to feed your passion.

I am more interested in offering my own work  rather than affiliate programs, so, I am not really looking to make a profit from advertising. However, I thought that it would have been nice having something different to spruce up the site, besides my own work – hence the presence throughout the website of some ads and commercial links related to photography and fine art prints.

I have been using many cameras throughout my career, here are two of my favorites. Most images on this website have been taken with an 4×5″ and these cameras.

8x10 view camera

8x10" View camera

fine art nudes

Hasselblad MF camera