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art photography luca paradisiStill life/abstracts

A body of work done mostly with large view cameras. For several years these images have been traditionally contact printed in platinum-palladium. Now the large (4×5″ or, mostly, 8×10″) negatives have been scanned and the prints are produced digitally. The computer is only used to adjust contrast and other minor tweaks.

luca paradisiScenery

This extensive body of work mostly depicts the outstanding seascapes and landscapes of the south of Ireland, where I live. These photographs have been taken during the years with a multitude of cameras, from view cameras to pinhole, Hasselblad and, more recently, digitally.

venice photographsThe Architectural portfolio

Mostly dedicated to my two favorites cities, London and Venice. The Venice work (1998), in particular, is composed of 12 exquisite photographs that already decor many walls worldwide.

digital art orogenesisThe Digital Art category

As you can see this is something entirely new. Besides fascinating fractal based abstractions and digital sculptures, it also includes Orogenesis, a project related to pristine landscape “photography”.

women photographsBlack and white female photo art by Luca Paradisi

All prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity and are signed and numbered by the artist.

As recommended in the galleries, although slightly dearer, I suggest  purchasing the prints as offered, i.e. mounted.

aceo art prints

ACEO miniature mounted to 13x15"

If interested in my popular ACEO size prints, (miniatures 2,5×3,5 inches), please visit